State Facts



State Flag: Pennsylvania's official flag was adopted in 1907. The flag has a deep blue background. In the center are two harnessed horses surrounding a shield picturing a ship, a plow, and 3 sheaves of wheat. Above is a bald eagle. Below are a stalk of corn, an olive branch, and a red ribbon that reads,"VIRTUE, LIBERTY, AND INDEPENDENCE.”(The state motto)


Fossil record[edit]

State Fossil: Trilobite

File:White-tailed deer fawn in

State Mammal: White-tailed deer

(State Bug), CoccinellaFirefly

State Insects: Ladybug and Firefly


State bird: Ruffed Grouse

Black Great Dane

State Dog: Great Dane

File:Brook trout.jpg

State Fish: Brook trout

Dermatophyllum secundiflorum

State Flower: Mountain laurel

Eastern Hemlock

State Tree: Eastern hemlock

State Nickname - Keystone State

State Motto - "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence"

State Song - Pennsylvania, lyrics by Eddie Khoury, music by Ronnie Bonner